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What is GlamCam?
The GlamCam is the only photo app with which you can add a little Hollywood to your smartphone. Simply install the app, launch and start shooting party photos like the paparazzi, which will stand proudly alongside the red carpet photos of the stars. The GlamCam will make you feel like a star, get the crowds cheering and watch fans burst into cheering tears!


How much does the GlamCam app cost?
The GlamCam is free!


What other services are compatible with the GlamCam?
Photos shot with the GlamCam can – of course – be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and wherever else you can think of! Sharing made easy.


What can I do with my photos, when I use the GlamCam?
Dozens of Hollywood filters make your pictures look as glamorous as you would have spent ten hours with a professional makeup artist and a Hairstylist to the stars. You can add four different sounds to heat up you picture and show the world who they are dealing with!


Can I use my other photos with GlamCam?
We are working on it, so it will come very soon :)


What does the name mean?
Well: Glamour + Camera? Added together? Right! GlamCam! The only camera app that’ll capture the glamour you deserve, on your phone!


Who are your investors?
We finance ourselves!


Who can see my photos?
By default they are private! When that’s not enough for you, you can share your photos, of course, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. with your friends.


Can I print my photos?
You can store any photos being shoot with the GlamCam in your photo storage. Of course, you can then simply connect your phone to your computer and print!


When will the GlamCam be available for Android, etc.?
We are working like crazy on it: soon!


Which versions of the iPhone iOS is the GlamCam compatible with?
We are always up to date and support at least iOS 5.0.

Is GlamCam available for the iPad?
Yes, GlamCam is also available for your iPad! Enjoy your personal star feeling!


I have a technical problem, who can I contact?
Try our support team. They will always reply within 24 hours: support@glamcamapp.com


What type of data protection is used on the GlamCam?
For all information on this topic, visit our Privacy page.